Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday party wrap-up

The birthday party waS very teenage. Just teenage. Possibly not normal for a bunch of seventeen year olds but damn close.

I arrived home from work about half-way through. There were about half-a-dozen girls, and one boy. Dreamer's best-friend-since-age-seven was under house arrest to study, and for the second year running, not even allowed out to attend his best friend's birthday party. Don't get me started on my opinion of how he's being raised. Another boy failed to get an invitation due to Dreamer forgetting. The boy who did attend had glandular fever and had to go home early exhausted.

Which left the girls.

Out the back, in the BBQ area, standing around, sitting around, chatting, drinking Vanilla Coke, waiting for the pizzas to arrive. Oh how almost-adult.

They played on the Wii, they all crowded onto the sofas and watched some anime DVD's while eating their pizza. Someone raided the cupboards for doonas and the heater. I suspect that was the ever-organised Speedy - he is very good with parties and hosting duties. All very cosy.

At the allotted witching hour, cars began to arrive outside. I was sitting on the front balcony enjoying a glass of red.

A car pulled up. Stopped. Nothing happened. Two minutes later, a party guest emerged from our house, got into the car, and the car drove off. Odd.

Then it happened again, and I laughed - the parents were sitting in their cars texting their daughters. A distance of about all of 10 metres. Ohhhh. One, and one only, parent actually made it to the front gate before being hustled away. Maybe they were in their pyjamas, or maybe they'd been ordered by their children not to embarrass them. Either way, it's a new generation.

In other news to hand this week:

Curly has been home sick all week, and due to the kids' habit of trying to read over my shoulder when I'm on the computer... no writing has been done. I'm rattling through this early on Sunday morning while the boys are still asleep. Shhhh.

Curly now has an asthma diagnosis, to join his eczema (those words never look right). Does this mean that we'll have to investigate the third of the holy trinity, Allergy?? Probably. Grumble. Who wants to take bets that we'll find allergies to gluten and casein in the boy with the 'white food' diet?

Dreamer has completed his end of semester exam block in spectacular style - he FORGOT to attend his final exam. I'd sent him off in the morning, and reminded him that he had two exams on Wednesday, and made sure he had his printout of his exam timetable and room numbers. He did the first exam, and walked home, by which time the second exam was well underway. @#$%#

It's OK. I'm breathing deeply. One more week until holidays.


  1. Yay on the party being a success, drats on the exam.
    Has Dreamer's forgetfulness gotten worse as he's grown older? I only ask as my Aspie teen seems to be getting worse, not better, in the memory stakes.
    Good luck with the elimination diet for Curly!

  2. You've read Dt Kenneth Bock's Healing the Childhood epidemics, right?

    If not, get thee to Amazon. Or I'll bring mine up when we come to Brisbane next month. Useful in integrating the 4 As within a family.

    If it helps, I pulled Dreamer's trick a few times in late high school too. Brain fade, input overload.


  3. Lisa, I am behind on my blog reading and came to this gem. I have a few comments.

    The party. How cool is that? I just smiled when I read it. I would give anything for my kiddo when he is a teen to have a party like this and really enjoy it. Friends are tough for him but it's getting better.

    Asthma. Ah yes, my nemesis. I have the holy trinity. My asthma didn't start until age 12 and when it hit, I can recall in my teens trips to the emergency room to restore my breathing. Scary stuff. But interestingly, my asthma improved so significantly in adulthood, I hardly ever have a problem. It's a funny little bugger. Allergies, I have a ridiculous amount of them (no food allergies though). I swear, that dust mites really are trying to kill me.

    The exam stuff--yikes! My son has to be reminded of everything. I resorted to doing written lists. That worked so poorly--he tore them down because he thought I was treating him like a baby.


  4. Hi Lisa, I just started reading your blog via Valerie's blog (Jump on the Rollercoaster) and I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying it, you are a gifted writer. I look forward to such excitement as teenagers and their birthday parties (my two are 6 and 8 years old) and this sounds like a pretty delightful party, to me!
    I hope the exam-missing was able to be sorted out. And your holidays treat you all kindly.