Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Uneventful. Morning.
Speedy is ready for school, and prowling the house.
"Why am I always late for school because of him?"
Dreamer sits in front of a bowl of weetbix while reading manga. Four reminders from me.
"Put the manga down and eat please".
Another few from Speedy.
Not quite as polite.

Curly is half-ready, and follows me around the house nagging me to pay for a new game download that he discovered yesterday. He needs his mother. He needs his mother's paypal password. He won't take 'later' for an answer, and starts whining.
Was it only last week I was suffering the same nagging, about the previous latest, greatest, new game?
Run away to the laundry and fill the machine with clothes. Back upstairs, and Dreamer is sniffing scented highlighter pens.
Take a deep breath and practice my morning mantra.
"Breakfast, teeth, get dressed."
First part finally accomplished, however the few metres from kitchen to bathroom proved to be filled with distractions.
"K. One more pen"
 Threaten Curly - any hat/lunchbox/musical instrument left at school today will incur a complete monitor ban until such time as the offending item arrives in our house. I hope that the threat is frightening enough. His poor memory amazingly seems to affect only the (in his opinion) unimportant, unlike Dreamer, who once forgot to get dressed for his own birthday party.

Have I forgotten to eat breakfast?


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