Friday, April 30, 2010


As the mornings get ever so slightly chilly, it's time for Dreamer to wear for the first time his Senior jersey.

Each year, the school seniors are allowed to wear a personalised jersey instead of the regular school jumper. It's a rugby jersey, the number on the back representing their graduation year, and each student gets to choose what to have printed in the 'player name' area.

Most students have their name, or nickname, and raps are given for the level of cleverness or witticism of their chosen words.

I wonder what raps Dreamer will get for his choice, or if more than a couple of his classmates will even begin to understand. He had 20 letters to use on his jersey, and he chose just one word to represent who he is.

His jersey says UNCERTAINTY.

When the jersey arrived, I asked him why he chose that word.
He told me about the Uncertainty principle. The boy loves his physics! And he explained that life was uncertain, and that he was uncertain most of the time, and that it was a word that worked on many levels.

I can only marvel at the insight of this sixteen year old.
I hope he wears his jersey proudly.


  1. He sounds like he's nailed the whole thing in one word!