Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maths is Useless


There I was, checking updates on my favourite blogs this morning. I popped over to 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter to browse their eclectic collection of stories and links, and found:

"DYSLEXIC HUMOR? The comic strip xkcd gave us pause the other day with a one-panel joke that had us not understanding the joke for awhile, then wondering whether a dyslexic would find the strip funny. See for yourself."

When I clicked the link, I found myself at a familiar looking website.  It's one I often see Dreamer reading. Twice Exceptional minds think alike? That was enough of a sign that I thought I'd stay and have a look around.

Which I did.  
By the way, I think a dyslexic would find that comic funny, but I'm not dyslexic so I could be wrong. It's sure better than jokes about dogs and gods and uniting and untying.

I clicked on a random comic, and the first one I found crystallised where my current worries are,  for my just-turned-17, science/math nut,  Dreamer.

No wonder he has this site bookmarked!
I'm feeling all 'two degrees of separation' now. 

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